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End of the Play School week today. I didn't find any suitable food in bins this morning, so I'm nice and hungry for breakfast. I might linger a little longer than usual in Toby's so I can make more progress through my current book...and maybe finish it this weekend so I can return it to the library. I'm quite enjoying it now, although it started out a bit dodgy. I read a review of it which said that there was too much detail about dogs and food. That was true at the beginning, but it has been put into a more solid context now. I think she's deliberately setting up the animal lives and relationships to compare and contrast to the ideal human relationships, and to see people change from animal-like existence into more fully human ones. They're also the linking elements between different aspects of the plot. The food does come up quite a bit, but again, it makes sense in the context of the plot and the characters.

Anyway, it's been good enough that I think I'll put the author's other novel, Three Junes, on my "to read" list, despite the fact the it has been absolutely panned by at least one critic.
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