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Had a coffee with daiskmeliadorn yesterday evening. It was good to catch up on at least some of the issues and events in her life. She gets involved in so many things that it's hard to even keep track of them. I can't imagine what it's like to actually do them! In contradistinction, I've always been a fringe-dweller and uninvolved in organisations and activities. She clearly is tending to follow her mother in this's a positive, I think - to be self confident enough to put yourself forward.

Of course, the main point of this meeting was not to exchange information about what each other is doing, but to share some of our lives and to bring us closer together.

I slept very well last night (thanks Promethazine!) and didn't wake once till the alarm beeped me up at 03:00. Did another 15 km run, taking advantage of being still in pre-APEC time to run around the Opera House, Circular Quay, Walsh Bay etc. Felt tired at the end, and am not sure if my groin pains are coming back, but let's hope for the best! Have some on-going sleepiness due to residual effects of promethazine it worth taking?
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