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So far today is turning out a carbon copy of yesterday. Same sleep pattern, same run, same tiredness and soreness. That's how I like life to be. Predictable. Most people would say boring. Of course there will always be random variations thrown in. Toby's breakfast was 10 out of 10 yesterday. Probably today they'll have run out of fruit toast. Actually, my alternative to fruit toast in such situations is their banana bread. I've been trying b.b. in other places lately and Toby's is the best by a long way. I'll have to try out the one that daiskmeliadorn reported...except I can't remember where she found it! Must look through her emails.

One thing from yesterday I don't want a repeat of today is being told off by the boss for producing a sub-standard piece of work. I have lots of excuses, but despite all those, I should have done better.

It's now after brekky. Once again, it was 10 out of 10! :-)
While at Toby's reading my book, I was amused by a comment by one of the characters that she went to church because "...having to go to church was the only incentive to get all the ironing done by Saturday afternoon...".
I don't have any clothes that need ironing.
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