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[Gail Godwin]

Gail Godwin
photo by Jerry Bauer

I'm now reading Gail Godwin's Evensong. This is the sequel to Father Melancholy's Daughter, which is a story of a priest with depression whose wife leaves him. The daughter of that book goes on to become an ordained priest in Evensong, and is married to a man who is religiously trained but works in a counselling role rather than a parish priest. He, like his partner's father, is inclined to self-hatred and depression.

An aside on Gail Godwin is relevant here....I wrote to her to tell her how much I liked her work, and I received a very thoughtful reply! Whether the reply was written by GG herself, her agent, or a school kid on work experience doesn't really matter; I imagine that she wrote it, and fantasise that now we have a "connection"!!

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