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another new book

I've finished Evensong by Gail Godwin, and I'm now reading a library book: Open House, by Elizabeth Berg.

Evensong was good. And I think I've now read every Gail Godwin novel. I know there's another one on the way at some stage...when she wrote to me recently, she said she had been busy trying to meet her publisher's deadline for a new novel.
In fact here is her (or her work experience student's) letter:
Dear Michael Lee,
There is nothing more satisfying to a writer than to receive a thoughtful letter like yours of June 20th. My only excuse for not having answered it until now is that I have been working away on a new novel whose deadline suddenly looms very near...However, I do apologize. It is quite wonderful to think of you, off in Australia, jogging along to work with one of my books in your backpack. Thank you for all your generous observations about my work, and I am so pleased that you enjoy it.
Kind regards,
Gail Godwin

My copy of Evensong is an ex-american-library, large print, hard cover version, which I have torn into two for easier (lighter) transport in my backpack. Being torn in two, I can't really donate it to the 2MBS-FM book-and-record bazaar, so it's either destined for the bin, or that inveterate bin-scavenger, daiskmeliadorn :-)

New book is going OK. Sure, it's a lightweight, but it does have moments of significant depth and interest. And many of the issues that come up are ones I relate to.
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