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Lunch with Annette has gone well. Absolutely beautiful day....lee_seamus did the barbeque and then we sat out on the deck in the warm spring sunshine and talked. My dessert turned out rather well, I think. I made a rhubarb and apple sponge pudding and it completely satisfied my need for sugar for about the next week and a half! I made an extra one (smaller version) which Annette was pleased to receive to take home for the week to come. The non-rhubarb-eaters had a chocolate mud cake from Sweet Delight. The main course was the usual sort of stuff for the omnivores, while I had veges in black bean sauce - very tasty.

I had ginger-marinated tofu at the neighbours last night, made by the neighbour's son, Nick (who has just joined L's company, after an introduction by L). It will be interesting to see if it gives me the same adverse effect that my own tofu has done's now nearly 24 hours later and nothing untoward is apparent at this stage! Yesterday I was planning to make a rhubarb crumble cake for todays dessert, using a recipe that was in yesterday's SMH. Well it turned out that the neighbour saw the recipe too and made it for last night! Hers was very nice; but not quite sweet enough or rhubarby enough for my current desire. So I was able to "have my cake and eat it too", so to speak.

We've also sorted out daiskmeliadorn's birthday celebration today. So that's good, especially for a plan-well-ahead-type-person such as me. It's a pity she couldn't make it here today for the BBQ. It would have been good for us all to hear what's happening in her life. Hope her retreat had the desired effect....
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